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Sliding and folding doors

Sliding door

We produce sliding doors that open horizontally. Such systems are characterized by versatility. The door can be mounted in conservatory, as access to the garden or as a room divider between the two rooms. Automatic sliding doors are used in commercial buildings and offices. Such doors are hung top on two hangers and hang in the air. This suspension provide that the doors are easy to open. They needs additional guides at the bottom to prevent it from swinging sideways (a floor-fixed plastic guide about 60mm wide). In doors without automatic opening mechanism a bottom rolling system is used. A bottom rolling system consists of two rollers at the bottom of the door running on a track and two guides at the top running in a guide channel. There are two mechanisms: lifting and sliding. In lifting door mechanism before moving on a track it lift the sash. In the closed position lifting system is locked, which is an additional plus because of the isolation and intrusion prevention. In the door opened automatically we use automatic GEZE operator. Tin this case the doors open when a user approaches it. A sliding door operator reopens the door if it closes into an obstacle. It is an additional security way if anyhow an object could not detect by safety beam or curtain, the motor counts error while hitting the object then processor decides to open back the door leafs. The operator is placed in the space above the sliding door. A motor, geared down to get a lower speed and a higher torque, drives a pulley at one end of a belt. The door is clamped to the belt. To open the door, the motor turns the pulley, which in turn turns the belt, which in turn drags the door. To close the door, the reverse occurs. The administrator can also set the door open all the time or in the middle of the open (winter mode). One of the features of the system is to automatically adjust the frequency of the opening movement.

Folding door

Folding doors allow to achieve the opening of the passage of a few meters without any additional posts. Depending on the system, they may be suspended at the top or rely on rollers at the bottom of the door track. It is possible to use from 2 to 8 movable sashs, folding symmetrically on both sides, or entirely on one side.

Sliding door slice
Folding door slice