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Aluminium profiles systems

To build aluminum construction we cooperate with the most reputable companies in Poland. Such profiles provide dimensional stability and do not change shape as PVC. Aluminium structures are maintenance free than the wood , and the cleaning is quick and easy. It is possible to make arch structures. Aluminium doors and windows are stronger and lighter than PVC and wood so they can be used in larger structures. In case of fire constructions do not emit harmful chemicals like PVC . Because these systems are very strong, sliding doors can be manufactured with very large glass which can by construct in terraces and conservatories. The choice of aluminum is also affected by the aesthetically aluminum look.

Aluminium materials are durable and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminium cover with a very thin but very effective protective layer of oxide, which prevents further oxidation. Such a structure is irreplaceable at construction of an orangery with exotic plants, where there is relatively high humidity. Aluminium materials are characterized by high thermal insulating properties and resistance to UV radiation.

Profiles made entirely of aluminum, despite the air chamber formed from a combination of shapes, have low thermal insulation U = 5,8-6,3 W / (m 2 K). Warm profiles are constructed usually composed of two or three chambers formed by the merger of aluminum profiles, which are placed between the thermal liner of plastic. As an insulator spacers are used polyamide with fibreglass. They may take the form of bands of the square or circular. Spacers are connected firmly with aluminum profiles and separate the part of the cold (outside) of warm (inside).

In addition to thermal inserts is also used synthetic rubber gaskets. They are extra protection against cooling. They are mounted on pin frames and sashes - one on the sash and the other - larger - on the frame. The window frames aluminum profiles warm achieve U = 2.8-3.5 W / (m2 * K), which is a value comparable to the pcv and wooden window frames. Among the sophistications products, you can also find aluminum windows with U = 1.78 W / (m2 * K).

The design of aluminum frames provide to mount them typical ferrules, hinges, locks and electrical motors.

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